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Eyeballing Spy Satellites (EN)
samedi, 12 novembre 2005 / Spyworld

Satellites are the most pervasive espionage technology worldwide — running neck and neck now with the Internet — and every satellite spies despite claims for commercial, scientific and other benign use. None are free of intelligence monitoring and exploitation, in the long tradition of spies exploiting communications technology, from mail to telephones to the Web. All the satellite image production firms are closely tied to and regulated by their host governments. And none are used purely for non-governmental purposes. As a recent example, Google’s foray into the field of satellite entertainment offers opportunity to track usage as effectively as does its search engine. Google’s Internet siphons, data-mining and search-server farms are military grade, comparable to those at the National Security Agency. Links among the two and the global Internet infrastructure deserves suspicion and critical examination exemplified by Daniel Brandt’s Google Watch

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Eyeballing Spy Satellites